Shooting In New York City

What makes shooting in NYC so unique?  Any city you would try to do a photo shoot in will bring its unique challenges.  New York is no different.  Especially if you are in Manhattan, finding an ideal place for rental can be tricky and difficult.  What are the challenges NYC brings to the table?

Storage Space– Space is limited in New York.  You might find a great studio space to rent, but finding a place to lock up all of your equipment the day before is always an issue and might not be too easy in some cases.  This usually isn’t an issue in most other cities and is particular to New York.

Freight Access Again, space in Manhattan is quite limited.  You might find a place with an elevator, but that elevator might be very tiny and might not fit the equipment and accessories that you would want to bring.  Finding a place with freight access is key to your success a lot of times.

Schedule- A lot of people who want to do shoots in New York don’t have the flexibility to do the shoot during normal business hours.  Finding a place that is flexible and allows weekend and night shoots can be tricky at times.  There is a huge demand for a space that does that, but the supply isn’t always there.

Parking- This is the biggest issue in Manhattan.  Parking can be an absolute nightmare in the city.  You might be able to find a good spot, but normally that will come with a high cost.  You have to figure the cost of parking into your budget before you select a location because depending on how much it is, it could make a big difference.

There are certainly more challenges to doing shoots in NYC, but this is a good, quick and dirty list.  We feel our studio addresses these concerns and could be one of the best options for you!