We're Almost Complete And Ready For Rental!

We're excited to announce that we are oh so close to being ready to rent our space to the public.  Here's a picture of our space as we were just getting started with our construction. Construction is underway!

As things got underway, we decided to paint our entire space white.  It has a cool, futuristic look now that we think people are going to love.

Here's a shot that we did with one model and our founder, Jordan Adoni.


You can see the quality of shoots that our studio will be able to pull off once we get everything finished.

Who are we going to be right for?  Well, we have a huge space that should be able to do the job for just about anyone, from someone who just wants some simple head shots done, to a serious brand needing space to shoot their new line for a few days.

We will have a very flexible schedule.  We understand that the needs of our clients will vary significantly.  Some people will need our space for just a few hours while others will need the space for a whole week.  We will have a flexible schedule and customized pricing to fit your needs, whatever they may be.

If you are interested and want to check out our space ahead of our official opening for rental, no problem!  Check us out, with contact info below.


Modern Vice Studios
247 West 38th St. Third Floor Suite 2 New York, NY, 10018, USA
Phone: (646) 854-7568