The Shoe Box Roof Is In Place

We get a lot of questions about our event space, what we are calling The Shoe Box.  It's hard to visualize it at times and it's probably even more difficult to write out a description of it over the Internet.  Well, we at least wanted to keep you in the loop with how the construction is going.  It will ultimately look literally like a shoe box.  Here is a picture of the roof, now that the construction team has put the outline of the roof in place.  It should make more sense what the finished product will look like.

This was just a picture from one of our intern's iPhones, but you can see the structure and what it should be like when it is finished.  We are really excited, as the construction has been going very quickly and we think that the finished product should be amazing.  The outline of everything is coming along and is in place, and once that is finished, we will start putting up the glass wall.  It's going to be really cool, and everything has been happening at a very quick pace.