The Shoe Box Is Coming

We have gotten underway with the construction of our event space, something we will be calling "The Shoe Box."  Why are calling our event space "The Shoe Box?"  Well, there's a couple of reasons.  First, our studio is attached to the Modern Vice shoe factory and the company's offices.  It is also attached to their shoe showroom.  So for that reason, the name ties in with most of what is around it.  To understand the other reason, refer to the picture below.  

You can also see from the picture above generally what the concept will be.  We have outlined on the roof a small space that will resemble a rectangular shoe box.  The design will be truly original and is meant to house a small but strong group of people.  The walls of the space will be glass, so you'll be able to see through them.  When you leave the shoe box and go around the corner, you'll run into our photo studio.

We're not sure exactly just yet how many people this space will be able to hold, but it should be a decent sized number.  No matter how many people it will end up holding, the space is going to be perfect for truly unique events that just can't be done anywhere else in Manhattan, let alone the rest of the city.

We hope you're excited about it.  We know we are!