Take Advantage Of Our Custom Pricing Right Now

We are really just getting started at the studio.  We are fully read and available for rent.  As we have talked to a number of potential interested parties, they quickly understand that we have a very unique situation that just can't be found very easily in Manhattan.  To find a space of our size, with our equipment and amenities, would be very difficult with our location.  Generally, you would have to go out to Brooklyn or Queens to find a space that is comparable to ours.  To match our location, equipment, and amenities is very difficult to do. We are working on standardizing our rates.  There are several variables involved in doing so.  Some people need equipment, while others don't.  Some people need the space for two hours, while other people might want it for a full week.  There are a lot of amenities that we can provide, but at the same time we recognize that not everyone would want them or need them.  These are just a few of the variables that would go into pricing out our studio space.

We want to provide everything someone would need to do any kind of shoot.  We also have spared no expense with our space and our equipment.

Having said that, currently we do not have standard rates.  We anticipate being a premium studio space, given how big our space is, how great our equipment is, and the amenities that we have available.  In the meantime, we strongly suggest taking advantage of our custom rates.  I can assure you that you will get an amazing deal while we are working on making more standard rates.  What we would suggest you do is give us a call and set up a time where you can come and visit the space.  From there, we can talk about your situation and work out a custom price for your shoot.  I would bet that it will be a very favorable price for the value that you get.

Take advantage of our custom rates right now.  With our space, equipment, and amenities, it will be an amazing value.