Stay Lounging

You've seen plenty of pictures of our photo studio at this point, and we hope that you are as excited about it as we are.  We wanted to make the most impressive studio space in Midtown and even all of Manhattan.  You've also seen a list of our amenities.  Some studios say they have a lounge area available, but then they don't post a picture or otherwise show people exactly what that means.  We have a lounge area in the back of the studio room.  We just moved our big couch towards the back and put a round table next to it.  It's perfect for anyone who wants to relax while the photo shoot is going on.  Here's a picture.

It is a very big leather couch that is extremely comfortable.  We wanted to get one that would be as comfy and big as possible, while still fitting in our space of course.  Here's another angle.

You can see that you'll have lots of room to hang out during photo shoots.  It's just another reason why you should do your next photo shoot at Modern Vice Studios!