Our Rates

Some people have been calling in already to ask us what our rates are.  We are working to standardize our rates, but we haven't done so just yet.  From our experience, the needs of someone who wants to rent out studio space will always vary quite drastically from one person to the next.  One person might need the space for one hour and won't need to use any equipment.  The next person who comes in may need to use the whole space for three days and needs full use of our equipment and extra space.  The point is that standardizing rates for a photo studio isn't the most direct and straightforward process. our rates

In the meantime, what we would suggest that you do is give us a call at (646) 854-7568.  We'll be able to discuss your exact situation and needs.  From there, we'll come up with a customized pricing for you.  We also invite you to come in and check out our space.  We can show you around and talk more about your situation.  You'll get a better understanding of how truly unique our space is and what its capabilities are.

We hope this makes sense.  As we move along, we'll work towards standardizing the process.  In the meantime, feel free to give us a call and/or come in and check out our space.  We can move forward from there.