Our Advantage

Here at Modern Vice Studios we feel like we have a very unique setup.  We know that what we have is special, but what are our unique advantages, given all the different options out there in New York City?  Well, I'll run through a few of them here, and I hope that you'll quickly see that what we have here is special. Look

Our look is very unique.  With the white painting and cyclorama, it feels like you are in another world or that you have traveled into the future.  See for yourself.

studio space



We are located right in the heart of Midtown.  Our location is perfect and very convenient for all the brands who previously were forced to go out to Brooklyn or Long Island City.  We represent a space that is gigantic and almost impossible to find elsewhere in Manhattan.


We really spared no expense with our equipment.  Our lighting equipment is top notch and something you'll be able to take advantage for that extra high-quality photo shoot that you'll do with us.


Our place is available for rent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  There aren't a lot of spaces that cater to those people who can't do shoots during normal business hours.

So Much More

We have so many other great things about our studio that make us stand out.  We have freight access, a changing and makeup area, etc.  I don't need to list everything out, because I think by now you probably get the point that we really standout among all the studio spaces available for rent in the city.

Hopefully we've convinced you that Modern Vice Studios is the place to be, so give us a look!