More Info On The Cyclorama

A lot of people walk into our studio, and they are blown away with how it looks.  The pure white painting makes for an especially cool effect generally in my opinion.  At the same time, you get the sense that the wall is endless.  When you walk up to it, you're not even sure where the wall ends that you get a little scared.  That is the exact effect we are going for, and it's a perfect effect for many different types of shoots.  What is that called?  Well, it's called a cyclorama.  It's a curved wall that creates that effect.  I was on YouTube recently and saw a video about how they are constructed.  See below for some cool information about how you can build a cyclorama and create that cool endless effect that the best photo studios have.

Hopefully you enjoyed that video.  I found it to be pretty good.  We did a similar process to construct our cyclorama.  You gotta come check it out to truly get the full effect of it.