It's All Love In The Studio

While we are renting out our space to the public, occasionally our sister company, Modern Vice, will need to do a shoot for their new collections and products.  Yesterday was one of those days, and let me just say, it was all about love. love in the studio


There's a lot that you could say about this first picture.  The first thing I would say is to look at how gorgeous these shoes are!  Any girl would look amazing wearing these in the spring or summer time.  Modern Vice truly does come out with some really awesome designs.  With their factory being right here in New York City, they have a really unique situation going on.

The second thing I would note is look how clear and endless the background is in this picture!  Without even having our amazing lighting in place, we can still produce awesome shots like this.  Just think of the potential once we have all of our equipment in place.

love again in the studio


This second shot just shows you more of the same goodness from the first shot.  These shots hopefully illustrate that anything is possible with our studio.  If you agree and want to check out our space, give us a call and we'd be happy to give you a tour.  See you soon.