Is There An Event Space Too?

We have gotten some inquiries about our space and whether people can host an event at our space.  We actually have a showroom for our sister company, Modern Vice, and their shoes.  That space is very adept for having any type of event, especially given how big it is.  Our photo studio is also fit to hold any great event.  Whether you would want a fashion event or really any type of networking event, the space is fairly optimal for it. We are also building a really interesting concept that we are calling the "Shoe Box."  The Shoe Box is going to be a closed-off glass space that will be specifically set aside to have events.  We are undergoing construction right now, and everything should be finished in the next couple of weeks.  You will be able to look into the space, and we think it will be able to hold 40-50 people.  It will look exactly like a glass shoe box, which will tie into our sister company, Modern Vice.  It's going to be amazing for intimate gatherings.  We expect to have small concerts there and other small events.  It will be a truly unique space.

shoe box event space is coming

The bottom line is that we have more than just one spot that can serve as an event space.  We have a lot of real estate, so no matter what type of event you are trying to plan, we will be able to cater to it and have a perfect space for it.  Give us a call and we'll talk through your situation and plan a great event.