Finishing Up The Painting

At the studio today, we are putting on hopefully the last coat of painting.  As you've been able to see from some of our pictures, we chose to paint the studio gray in the first half but then white for the half where the actual shoots will take place.  A lot of people will tell you that you just need a neutral light color for your background, and then you can use cool software to create a white endless background effect.  We chose to eliminate the extra step and make the background all white.  With this last layer of paint, and our cyclorama, we have created a truly infinite and endless-looking background.  We think it will be the coolest set up that you can find anywhere in the city. our painted studio

The trouble with white paint is that if you don't plan things out and use the right kind of paint, the floor can get scuffed up pretty quickly.  The trick is to use a more oil-based paint on the last coating, so if the floor ever does get scuffed up, you can easily scrub it away and then the studio will be back to looking as good as new very quickly.

We didn't want to spare any expense or leave out any detail that would prevent us from having the single best space to do a photo shoot in NYC.  We hope you agree.  As always, we invite you to come and check the space out if you are interested and/or in need of doing a shoot in and around the city anytime soon!