Cyclorama Here We Come!

Some of you have probably heard of the term cyclorama before.  If not, you can check out this page where they show a video highlighting how to make one for a photo studio.  For a photo studio, a cyclorama means that you have curved walls so that the pictures and videos you take give off the impression that you are in an endless room.  Check out below for a picture of our cyclorama. our cyclorama

You'll have to forgive us for the poor photo quality.  One of our interns took this photo with an iPhone 5.  You can see that the picture is muddled, but that is because the curved walls that we just got in place are having the intended effect of creating an endless room illusion.  This is the exact effect we are going for, and we feel that the construction of our cyclorama is going to be unmatched by really anyone else in the city.  This is yet another reason why we feel that Modern Vice Studios stands out from the rest.  Not only do we have a huge space with the best equipment, but we also have a 20 foot cyclorama, and we are located optimally in Midtown Manhattan.

Stay tuned for more updates from Modern Vice Studios!