Construction Done- Now Putting In The Lighting

We are happy to announce that the construction of the studio is done.  We'll be ready to rent out our space in no time.  We in the process of locking down our final purchases of lighting.  We want to have the best lighting of any studio out there, so we're taking extra time and effort to make sure we get the best of the best equipment.  Here's a picture of what the studio looks like right now. photo studio complete



We think it looks pretty cool and futuristic, don't you?  With our space and the cove that we've put in, we are ready to cater to people with just about any photo shooting needs.  Want to be one of the first ones to do a photo shoot in our space?  If so, send us an email and we'd love to talk with you about having you become one of the pioneers of our studio space.

When we have all the equipment installed and ready to go, we'll definitely let you know.  We have been doing some shoots in the space, but our space isn't fully complete just yet.  Stay tuned...