Come Visit Us!

As we are getting ready to fully launch our studio to the public, we wanted to invite anyone who is interested in our space to come visit us.  The construction of the space is completely done at this point and we are slowly getting all the equipment completed as well.  The painting of the floor and the walls is done, so at this point it looks very much like a completed studio.  If you visit, you will get a very good idea of what our space is all about and how unique it is going to be for a space in Manhattan. visit our photo studio

What's also cool about our space is that it is attached to our sister company, Modern Vice.  You can see our shoe store and shoe factory and everything in between that goes into making one of the coolest fashion companies around.  Hopefully this convinces you that you should just check out our space for any number of reasons.

We are right in the heart of Midtown, not too far away from Times Square or Penn Station.  Give us a look if you are looking to rent a photo studio in Manhattan!

Modern Vice Studios

247 West 38th Street #302, New York, NY, 10018

(646) 854-7568