Product shots

Trying Out the Yellow Background

We pride ourselves on making our photography studio a creative place where people can experiment and strive to make progress, both with their own brands and in the fashion industry in general.  Sometimes we take chances that fail, and sometimes we take chances that result in great success.  But we at Modern Vice Studios are just believers in the process - that we will not be bound by current expectations, but always make adjustments, improvements, and live for the risks.  The entire mood in our studio depends on attracting people that feel the same.  Thank you for your spirit, your willingness to create, and above all your presence at the studio.  We are here because of you, for you, and with you. WESTERN_REESE_SHOE2 WESTERN_REESE_SHOE1

Creative Rita Boot Shoot

Out of the studio comes new shots of the very popular Modern Vice Rita boot.  This shot was taken on the unfinished floor section just outside of the studio, creative use of the space! Rita Boot Rough Floor


This shot shows the Rita on one of the models waist down.  These boots really show off the edges, especially when paired with the black jeans.

Rita from the waist down

Finally here's some shots of us getting our product shot on at the studio.  These Ritas look great from all angles, all the way up that knee.

Rita product shot angles