From the Studio

Photoshoot Fresh

Last week we added a lounging area to our studio, and this week there's more. Our studio here at Modern Vice is anticipating your next photoshoot. For those of you who need a space for planning, we recently installed a new table set. With enough room for four, we hope to accomodate all of your specific needs, whether that be sketching the layout of your next shoot, working on your laptop, or even for a small team meeting prior to shooting. Always here to make your day easier, Modern Vice Studios encourages you to experience your best shoot posssible.

On set as well, we have a portable table perfect for holding accessories, laptops, or scripts.

Even use this portable table for your shoots, its edgy look works with anything! As you can see, we're ready for you here at Modern Vice, take the next step and start your photoshoot today.

Making it work

You don't need to travel back in time to get that feeling of nostalgia.  Sometimes you feel it as it happens.  That's what happened in the studio today - in the midst of our rebuild, we got some friends together to do an impromptu shoot that felt like a memory before it even happened. IMG_7205

The man enchanting these two beautiful woman is Sandro, a true friend of Modern Vice Studios.  He's in from Italy this week to advise us on the build out and brand.  His love of our company and space shows through in everything that we do.  Without him, this space is nothing.


With the photo studio renovation scheduled to be completed next week, we're looking forward to welcoming Sandro back to NYC with increasing frequency.

Developing the Photo Studio Space with George Evan

We had a lot of fun creating the photo studio rental space, building it out next to our factory and showroom.  We had talented NYC photographer George Evan come advise on the space, make recommendations on equipment, and even help create the backdrop for a shoot. George-Evans-Modern-Vice-Studios This is a picture of the studio back when George was helping us develop it - still raw, but you can see the space starting to take shape. Studio-Under-Construction

Our tremendous space allows not only for shooting, but for the opportunity to create backdrops, scenery, and other essential items in the space.  We knew that creativity required space, especially for artists with big ideas, so we made it happen.Canvas-Ready

Creativity in the Studio Space

Even on a day when just using minimal equipment, the studio space has output some incredible shots with a focus on pushing boundaries and really understanding current trends, both in fashion and the world. coachella construction from the studio

When we first set out to form a photography studio rental space for the New York City community, these is the type of images we imagined.  Artists creating art.

Post Photography Edit Example

Our post capabilities are also of interest to many people renting the space.  We can even provide full end-to-end services, including photography and editing, in the studio.  Contact Us to discuss complete packages.

Photo Studio Travels Back in Time

Some say that NYC lives forever, and that certainly has proven to be the case in our photo studio. The design, imagery, and imagination are often forward thinking, but we've seen it's often effective to take a few steps back to go forward as well. Check out these retro shots taken in the studio last

studio-rental-retroAnd naturally any good photo shoot in the garment district has a great product behind it.  In this case it's a beautiful and ridiculously ornate golden boot.  Only in New York.

gold boot from photo studio

Learn about our photo studio rental NYC prices so that you can get great shots like these taken right in the heart of NYC.


Shadows at Play

One of our shoots this week was raw and real - we took to the factory floor with an industrial work lamp and got some incredible imagery for the Modern Vice shoe line.sitting-black-and-white

We love this photo shoot because it demonstrates the flexibility of the space.  Few Photo Studios in NYC allow for such a diverse set of shots in one day. half-body-shot

Great content needs no explanation, so we'll just leave you with this beautiful image.upper-body-shot