Breakdown Of Some Of Our Equipment And Amenities

We wanted to give a quick list of some of the equipment we have put together at this point and list out some of the amenities that we have available to you that we feel are truly unique for a space in Manhattan.  Here's a list of some of the equipment that makes us truly unique.

-1 Profoto 7A 2400w/s power pack
-2 Profoto heads
-Kit light stands
We also have sandbags to weight down the lights.  We have a truly unique cyclorama that creates and endless effect that is really magical and cool.  Some other things we will have available.
our space
-5000 W high powered stereo system that can connect with iPhones

-A DJ booth with monitors and a serrato mixing board

-Dedicated changing area

-Dedicated makeup area

-Air conditioning- perfect for those hot summer days and nights

-Freight elevator access

-Very high ceilings

-Availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

-Private access

-Multiple bathrooms

-Storage space

-Window light in the green room/ production room

-Sitting room area

-Much, much more

As you can see from this list, we have spared no thought or expense in coming up with the equipment, space, look and feel, and amenities for this space.  We wanted to create the most unique and coolest photo shoot space out there, and we feel that we have succeeded in our goal.  Right now, our pricing is custom, so if you don't need any of the amenities, you won't have to pay extra.

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