Any Type Of Client

If there is one thing you can say about running a photo studio in NYC, it is that the city has a vast, diverse set of potential clients.  NYC is known for housing big fashion brands.  It's one of, if not the, biggest fashion capitals in the world.  Holding photo shoots for big brands comes with certain requirements.  But does Modern Vice Studios just cater to the big New York brands? We certainly have the capacity to hold a photo shoot for a big brand.  However, our space is very versatile, and we don't seek out any specific type of client to hold a shoot.  We will work with just about anyone in any capacity.  We've done shoots for authors looking for head shots for their book.  We've done a shoot for a small startup company looking to take a couple of product shots.  We've done photo shoots from the smallest of small to the very large ones too.  We don't look for any particular type of client, and we are capable of of being a great solution for just about anyone.

We have an incredibly flexible space.  The main space is very large and can fit the needs of most photo shoots.  If necessary, we also have a showroom and lounge area.  Part of it works as a store for our sister company, where anyone in NYC can come up and check out their shoes.  The rest is a great extra space for those looking for that extra lounging area.  We also have another area that we call the "shoe box," that people can use for extra storage space as well.  All in all, it's a space that can fit any photo shoot, whether large or small.

NYC is a very unique place with a wide-ranging number of people and companies who need to do photo shoots.  We built our space to cater to any type of client that New York has to offer.