Any Type Of Client

If there is one thing you can say about running a photo studio in NYC, it is that the city has a vast, diverse set of potential clients.  NYC is known for housing big fashion brands.  It's one of, if not the, biggest fashion capitals in the world.  Holding photo shoots for big brands comes with certain requirements.  But does Modern Vice Studios just cater to the big New York brands? We certainly have the capacity to hold a photo shoot for a big brand.  However, our space is very versatile, and we don't seek out any specific type of client to hold a shoot.  We will work with just about anyone in any capacity.  We've done shoots for authors looking for head shots for their book.  We've done a shoot for a small startup company looking to take a couple of product shots.  We've done photo shoots from the smallest of small to the very large ones too.  We don't look for any particular type of client, and we are capable of of being a great solution for just about anyone.

We have an incredibly flexible space.  The main space is very large and can fit the needs of most photo shoots.  If necessary, we also have a showroom and lounge area.  Part of it works as a store for our sister company, where anyone in NYC can come up and check out their shoes.  The rest is a great extra space for those looking for that extra lounging area.  We also have another area that we call the "shoe box," that people can use for extra storage space as well.  All in all, it's a space that can fit any photo shoot, whether large or small.

NYC is a very unique place with a wide-ranging number of people and companies who need to do photo shoots.  We built our space to cater to any type of client that New York has to offer.

3 Great Reasons To Pick Us For Your Next Rental

We think we provide one of the very best values and coolest spaces in all of NYC (not just Manhattan).  If you are looking for a rental space for your next photo shoot, we think you should highly consider us.  Why do we think this?  Well, we thought we would come up with 3 of the top reasons why you should choose us for your next NYC photo rental. Incredibly Unique Space

We feel that we have one of the most unique spaces of any business in all of New York City.  We have a large photo studio.  Attached to that is an extra event space that we call the "shoe box."  You can have an event there, or you could simply use that as extra storage space.  We also have a showroom for our sister brand, Modern Vice, where we show off our amazing collection of shoes.  Also in our space is the only shoe factory in Manhattan.  If that all doesn't get you excited, I just don't know what will.


We know that it's hard to find a studio space that is available at nights and/or on weekends.  That's no good because a lot of people in NYC can't do shoots during normal business hours.  We took that into account when we came up with our scheduling.  We decided to make ourselves available 24 hours a day.  That means whenever you want to do a shoot, you can.  We will work around your schedule and not vice versa.


For all the things that you get and the space itself, we represent one of the best values out there.  We do have an amazing space, but we don't charge you an arm and a leg for it.  We're not in this business to make as much money as humanly possible.  We want to make sure our customers feel that they are getting an extremely high value when they do a rental with us.  We feel that we have achieved that goal.

We hope you agree that we present a very unique value proposition to the NYC community.  Give us a call and book your next rental with us!

Ready For NYC Fashion Week

Here at Modern Vice Studios, we are super excited for NYC Fashion Week.  See the official site here for more information about the schedule and the events. What do we love so much about the week?  Well, first it brings all the best people in fashion into NYC.  We get to see what the next big trends are going to be and we get to help our sister brand, Modern Vice, get its name out there and show off its stuff as well.  Certainly New York City comes alive during this week, and there are some amazing parties to attend as well.  We also love that we get to meet with some of the best photographers in the world.  Being in Manhattan, we get access to some top photographers who happen to reside in the city.  We are very lucky to be stationed here.  At the same time, it's great to get to see such talented photographers from places outside the city come into our city all at once.

We would love for people to stop by our space during fashion week, whether for a quick rental or just to see the space.  We are going to be hosting a couple of parties as well, so if you have any interest, please send us an email and we'll let you know more details.

We are looking forward to going to the shows and we hope to see you there as well.  We hope to spend the time getting to see some amazing fashion in motion, and we hope to get the word out about our wonderful space here.  NYC Fashion Week is one of the best times of year for us, and we are so excited that it is almost here!

Shooting In New York City

What makes shooting in NYC so unique?  Any city you would try to do a photo shoot in will bring its unique challenges.  New York is no different.  Especially if you are in Manhattan, finding an ideal place for rental can be tricky and difficult.  What are the challenges NYC brings to the table? Storage SpaceSpace is limited in New York.  You might find a great studio space to rent, but finding a place to lock up all of your equipment the day before is always an issue and might not be too easy in some cases.  This usually isn't an issue in most other cities and is particular to New York.

Freight Access- Again, space in Manhattan is quite limited.  You might find a place with an elevator, but that elevator might be very tiny and might not fit the equipment and accessories that you would want to bring.  Finding a place with freight access is key to your success a lot of times.

Schedule- A lot of people who want to do shoots in New York don't have the flexibility to do the shoot during normal business hours.  Finding a place that is flexible and allows weekend and night shoots can be tricky at times.  There is a huge demand for a space that does that, but the supply isn't always there.

Parking- This is the biggest issue in Manhattan.  Parking can be an absolute nightmare in the city.  You might be able to find a good spot, but normally that will come with a high cost.  You have to figure the cost of parking into your budget before you select a location because depending on how much it is, it could make a big difference.

There are certainly more challenges to doing shoots in NYC, but this is a good, quick and dirty list.  We feel our studio addresses these concerns and could be one of the best options for you!

The Latest Shoot At The Studio- Vroom Vroom

We had another great shoot at the studio last week.  We had a full biker female biker gang come in and do a collaboration with Modern Vice for some amazing-looking boots.  This is what happens when you bring two creative forces together to make something great. boots


Yep, that's right.  We brought in a motorcycle into our studio on 38th st.

more boots


The photographer did an especially good job of capturing this boots the way they needed to be captured.

even more boots


It was really just a great shoot all around.  It really shows what is possible at the studio.  No shoot is too big or too small!

Photo Shoot-Insider Look

Take an inside look into our photo studio today for a glimpse of an average day in our “office”. Here at Modern Vice Studios, we’re always busy, whether that be for photo shoots of our own, or others. Today we’re focusing in on some of our collections including one of our favorites-Snake Skin! Snake Collection-Modern Vice NYC

Never a dull moment here in the Garment District. Today we began shooting a new video featuring our Snake Skin Collection. What does this mean exactly? It will be available for your viewing soon, but it also means we'll be working in the studio all week.


We decided to give you a sneak peak. If you want to see more come visit us at our Flagship store and get a tour around our studio and boutique!


Chloe Snake-ModernVice

Come by soon and book your an appointment for some photo fun of your own!

Fun Shoot Yesterday!

We had a fun shoot yesterday at the studio.  We had a great team of stylists and photographers come in to help us do a shoot for a collection of shoes from Modern Vice, our sister company.

You can see what we are capable of with our space here.

We didn't use the cyclorama for this shoot, as it's not needed for every type of shoot.  However, with this shot you can see just how spacious our space really is.  We had a lot of fun with our shoot, and we know you would have just as much fun doing your shoot at Modern Vice Studios!

Photoshoot Fresh

Last week we added a lounging area to our studio, and this week there's more. Our studio here at Modern Vice is anticipating your next photoshoot. For those of you who need a space for planning, we recently installed a new table set. With enough room for four, we hope to accomodate all of your specific needs, whether that be sketching the layout of your next shoot, working on your laptop, or even for a small team meeting prior to shooting. Always here to make your day easier, Modern Vice Studios encourages you to experience your best shoot posssible.

On set as well, we have a portable table perfect for holding accessories, laptops, or scripts.

Even use this portable table for your shoots, its edgy look works with anything! As you can see, we're ready for you here at Modern Vice, take the next step and start your photoshoot today.

Stay Lounging

You've seen plenty of pictures of our photo studio at this point, and we hope that you are as excited about it as we are.  We wanted to make the most impressive studio space in Midtown and even all of Manhattan.  You've also seen a list of our amenities.  Some studios say they have a lounge area available, but then they don't post a picture or otherwise show people exactly what that means.  We have a lounge area in the back of the studio room.  We just moved our big couch towards the back and put a round table next to it.  It's perfect for anyone who wants to relax while the photo shoot is going on.  Here's a picture.

It is a very big leather couch that is extremely comfortable.  We wanted to get one that would be as comfy and big as possible, while still fitting in our space of course.  Here's another angle.

You can see that you'll have lots of room to hang out during photo shoots.  It's just another reason why you should do your next photo shoot at Modern Vice Studios!

Glass Doors Are Up On The Shoe Box!

At Modern Vice Studios, we like to work fast.  When we say we are building a shoe box, you can be rest assured that we will work as hard as possible to get it up quickly so we can start using it.  The first part of the construction was outlining everything and getting the top in place.  From there, it was maybe a little hard to tell what the finished product was going to look like.  Now, however, we have the glass walls put in place, and it's starting to look like a real shoe box!

We have a couple of tables in there right now, which of course will be gone when it is being used as an event space.

You can see with the black top and the glass walls that the shoe box is really taking shape.  We'll keep people updated as it gets finished and certainly we will show off the finished product as well!

Secret Doors

It's a little ironic that we're telling everyone about our secret doors, but we wanted to show people how our photo studio would be connected to The Shoe Box.  We think it's pretty cool.  If you rent out our studio, you would have access to the shoe box as well if it is available.  How do they connect?  Well, in the corner of the studio, you'll see wooden shelves that look like this.

Just another ordinary set of wooden shelves, right?  Well, not exactly.  If you pull at the shelves from the middle, you'll notice something different about them.

Then if you pull all the way out, you'll see you have a clear passage to the Shoe Box.  We think it's just another reason why our studio space stands out for its uniqueness above everyone else!

Example Shots From Our Studio

booties at the studio
booties at the studio

We always love to show off what we are capable of at the studio.  In this post, we will show some pictures that have come from recent shoots at the studio.

Our sister company, Modern Vice, came out with a new style of booties.  We captured them beautifully right here at the studio.

more booties at the studio
more booties at the studio

We also had a model try on a pair to show how they look when worn.

Hopefully you can see the quality of the pictures we can do at the studio with these few pictures.

Basic Lighting Advice

We get a lot of questions about lighting from our clients.  They want to know ahead of time how best to do lighting for their shoots to make their photos or videos as good as possible.  We came across a YouTube video recently that provides very good tips on this exact subject.  Check it out.

Hopefully this helps clear up the issue.  There were some cheesy jokes in the video, but overall I thought it was very informative.

Setting Up A Home Studio

Not every shoot requires going to a full photo studio.  We want you to save the major shoots for our studio, but we recognize that a smaller, much simpler studio can get the job done for a lot of different types of shoots.  For the most part, you can set up your own home studio to get a lot of the basic shots done.  You just need a little equipment and a little know-how.  This video describes the steps to setting up your own home or office studio.  Check it out, as I think it's pretty informative.

Hopefully you enjoyed that video.  Setting up your own home photo or video studio isn't too difficult, but it can save you a lot of time and money.  It's well worth doing in my opinion.

The Shoe Box Roof Is In Place

We get a lot of questions about our event space, what we are calling The Shoe Box.  It's hard to visualize it at times and it's probably even more difficult to write out a description of it over the Internet.  Well, we at least wanted to keep you in the loop with how the construction is going.  It will ultimately look literally like a shoe box.  Here is a picture of the roof, now that the construction team has put the outline of the roof in place.  It should make more sense what the finished product will look like.

This was just a picture from one of our intern's iPhones, but you can see the structure and what it should be like when it is finished.  We are really excited, as the construction has been going very quickly and we think that the finished product should be amazing.  The outline of everything is coming along and is in place, and once that is finished, we will start putting up the glass wall.  It's going to be really cool, and everything has been happening at a very quick pace.

Our Advantage

Here at Modern Vice Studios we feel like we have a very unique setup.  We know that what we have is special, but what are our unique advantages, given all the different options out there in New York City?  Well, I'll run through a few of them here, and I hope that you'll quickly see that what we have here is special. Look

Our look is very unique.  With the white painting and cyclorama, it feels like you are in another world or that you have traveled into the future.  See for yourself.

studio space



We are located right in the heart of Midtown.  Our location is perfect and very convenient for all the brands who previously were forced to go out to Brooklyn or Long Island City.  We represent a space that is gigantic and almost impossible to find elsewhere in Manhattan.


We really spared no expense with our equipment.  Our lighting equipment is top notch and something you'll be able to take advantage for that extra high-quality photo shoot that you'll do with us.


Our place is available for rent 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  There aren't a lot of spaces that cater to those people who can't do shoots during normal business hours.

So Much More

We have so many other great things about our studio that make us stand out.  We have freight access, a changing and makeup area, etc.  I don't need to list everything out, because I think by now you probably get the point that we really standout among all the studio spaces available for rent in the city.

Hopefully we've convinced you that Modern Vice Studios is the place to be, so give us a look!

More Info On The Cyclorama

A lot of people walk into our studio, and they are blown away with how it looks.  The pure white painting makes for an especially cool effect generally in my opinion.  At the same time, you get the sense that the wall is endless.  When you walk up to it, you're not even sure where the wall ends that you get a little scared.  That is the exact effect we are going for, and it's a perfect effect for many different types of shoots.  What is that called?  Well, it's called a cyclorama.  It's a curved wall that creates that effect.  I was on YouTube recently and saw a video about how they are constructed.  See below for some cool information about how you can build a cyclorama and create that cool endless effect that the best photo studios have.

Hopefully you enjoyed that video.  I found it to be pretty good.  We did a similar process to construct our cyclorama.  You gotta come check it out to truly get the full effect of it.

The Shoe Box Is Coming

We have gotten underway with the construction of our event space, something we will be calling "The Shoe Box."  Why are calling our event space "The Shoe Box?"  Well, there's a couple of reasons.  First, our studio is attached to the Modern Vice shoe factory and the company's offices.  It is also attached to their shoe showroom.  So for that reason, the name ties in with most of what is around it.  To understand the other reason, refer to the picture below.  

You can also see from the picture above generally what the concept will be.  We have outlined on the roof a small space that will resemble a rectangular shoe box.  The design will be truly original and is meant to house a small but strong group of people.  The walls of the space will be glass, so you'll be able to see through them.  When you leave the shoe box and go around the corner, you'll run into our photo studio.

We're not sure exactly just yet how many people this space will be able to hold, but it should be a decent sized number.  No matter how many people it will end up holding, the space is going to be perfect for truly unique events that just can't be done anywhere else in Manhattan, let alone the rest of the city.

We hope you're excited about it.  We know we are!

Website Redesign

After some initial feedback and some internal discussions, we are proud to announce we have completed our website redesign.  It took us a lot of late night sessions with our talented web design team, but we think we have really nailed it and come up with a design that is clean and really conveys what the studio is all about.  From the homepage, you can see a cool picture of what the space looks like.  Hopefully you can understand what our cyclorama does and the effect that it produces.  Check out a little screenshot of our homepage below. homepage of studio


Send us a message with some feedback on how you like the design of your site.  Also, give us a call or fill out our contact form if you are interested in doing a shoot at our space!

Take Advantage Of Our Custom Pricing Right Now

We are really just getting started at the studio.  We are fully read and available for rent.  As we have talked to a number of potential interested parties, they quickly understand that we have a very unique situation that just can't be found very easily in Manhattan.  To find a space of our size, with our equipment and amenities, would be very difficult with our location.  Generally, you would have to go out to Brooklyn or Queens to find a space that is comparable to ours.  To match our location, equipment, and amenities is very difficult to do. We are working on standardizing our rates.  There are several variables involved in doing so.  Some people need equipment, while others don't.  Some people need the space for two hours, while other people might want it for a full week.  There are a lot of amenities that we can provide, but at the same time we recognize that not everyone would want them or need them.  These are just a few of the variables that would go into pricing out our studio space.

We want to provide everything someone would need to do any kind of shoot.  We also have spared no expense with our space and our equipment.

Having said that, currently we do not have standard rates.  We anticipate being a premium studio space, given how big our space is, how great our equipment is, and the amenities that we have available.  In the meantime, we strongly suggest taking advantage of our custom rates.  I can assure you that you will get an amazing deal while we are working on making more standard rates.  What we would suggest you do is give us a call and set up a time where you can come and visit the space.  From there, we can talk about your situation and work out a custom price for your shoot.  I would bet that it will be a very favorable price for the value that you get.

Take advantage of our custom rates right now.  With our space, equipment, and amenities, it will be an amazing value.